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First off I would like to say thank you for visiting SLEEK AND NEAT APPAREL, your visit and business is highly appreciated.

My name is Dontae, I’m founder and owner of SLEEK AND NEAT APPAREL www.sleekandneat.com

Sleek and Neat is an online clothing store base in Ontario, Canada. We offer elegant casual and formal wear clothing at affordable prices. We pride ourselves as an affordable priced online boutique store with a rich splash of classiness


The inspiration behind Sleek and Neat started with wanting to make a difference. Not only with fashionable clothing but how we could impact lives with Love.

I’ve always been moved with compassion whenever I come across someone in need of help. The joy of helping someone in need is an emotion I’d happily trade a meal for.

The Sense of fulfilment you get when you help someone is priceless and contagious. Touch someone with love and they’ll touch someone else.

Financially I was not able to assist like I wanted to at times but, deep down I wanted to do more than directing to a shelter or food bank.

I’ve always enjoy picking out clothing for my friends and love ones. Needless to say,  I enjoy fashion.

So I had a noble thought; using my passion for fashion, to aide the passion to help others. Sleek and Neat Apparel was born on that very thought and that thought became our goal. Fashionable, trendy, comfortable clothing that breathe confidence at affordable prices for a noble cause. Making a difference one person or family at a time.

Sleek and Neat has partnered with “Unless We Provide“ and “The Good Shepherd Ministries“ to help the homeless and single mothers/families in need. A percentage of all purchase goes to one or both cause annually (at the minimum).

Unless we Provide was started by a soul with a big heart and shares similar passion of wanting to make a difference by helping someone in need. Helping single moms and/or families in need with groceries, clothing and other essential items.

Even before Sleek and Neat Apparel started, my immediate and extended family have donated to the Good Shepherd Ministry and Food Bank every year. The Good Shepherd Ministry is a Men’s shelter that provides food, clothing and shelter for the homeless. We’ve made donations in the form of food, clothing, monetary donation and volunteering to assist cleaning the dorms. Though we’ve always leave with a sense of happiness in helping such a noble cause, the thought of “what more can we do?” Always lingers. With SLEEK AND NEAT we hope to satisfy those cravings.


Our Collections

SLEEK AND NEAT strictly focuses in selecting the most up to date fashionable, and trendy outfits without any compromising on comfort. Our Aim is to provide outfits for All gender. Our trendy, classy collection will make you look good, feel good and stand out. We've carefully put together all your outfits in this site to cater all your needs

I look forward to see you become a loyal customer and having a long lasting relationship with SLEEK AND NEAT APPAREL. Our mission is to offer the most pleasant experience when shopping with us. From the moment you visit our online boutique, to the moment you receive your order. Because you are not just another customer, your satisfaction is our main priority. 


SLEEK AND NEAT APPAREL is strictly an online store based in Ontario Canada

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